Welcome to BarleyPop

What is Barley Pop?
Barley Pop is a word that came to me when I had the idea to open up a beer store in 2001. It just sounded so right!
It evokes everything BEER to me. It’s my love, my true passion, perhaps my “calling” to introduce, no, to educate people about how great truly well crafted beer is! How it’s complex like a fine wine and how well you can pair it with ALL food.

This blog is an extension of myself and my love of the beer community. If you have a favorite beer or a favorite beer spot, please tell me about it. It’s all about sharing here.

Although Barley Pop, the beer store, is slowly making its way as a true brick and mortar; the drinking, reviewing and the “news fit to brew” begins!


One response to “Welcome to BarleyPop”

  1. Michael,

    First off…there is NO such thing as being too tired and sick of talking about and thinking of beer. 😉

    It’s one thing to say you have passion. It’s another thing to see your face and your body language when talking about your passion. The difference is that one is telling and honest and the other CAN be played.

    Watched the whole video through to the end, and you’ve got my support. It time to get that freakin store up! 😉

    Have you ever had a chance to anything from Kasteel’s (Belgium Brewery) line up yet by chance? I have some bottles laying around here and would be more than happy to send it off your way for you to review and try. And no I don’t rep. for them or anyone else I’ve just found it shocking how many bloggers and beer lovers have yet to try it. It could give you some neat content and more importantly you’re drinking beer. 🙂

    This passion runs deep man, and dare I say that us Beerlings (as I like to call us) have it bad…really bad…and perhaps a bit more than wino’s. If anything, we’re more approachable and relaxed. 😉

    Will be checkin’ in!


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