Best Beer Bottle Opener (period….)


I have a huge collection of bottle openers. Some I’ve collected at beer fests, some at antique stores. Let’s just say I’m more attached to my beer glass collection than my bottle openers.

This changed when I came across an email awhile back about this cool beer opener called TORQ. It’s by a brand new company that’s trying to get some backing to put this product out to beer lovers everywhere. They recently launched on to raise these funds.

After I received the TORQ, I was pretty amazed how solid this thing was. I almost felt like putting it in my tool box! It had great weight, nice design and just felt good in my hand. Ok, so let’s put this thing to use.

To Christian this fancy bottle operner, I grabbed a freshly bottled Pliny and the cap popped off effortlessly. It actually ate the cap, so next time I need to lighten up a little bit. I tell you, this thing is a brut.

This by far, is one of the best beer openers I’ve come across. I highly recommend. If you go to and make a donation, you can get one of these beautiful pieces. Every beer lover should have one.



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