Beer Review: Straffe Hendrik Quadrupel


It’s been awhile since I had a great Belgian beer and I’ve been craving one for the last couple of weeks.  While picking up some groceries at Whole Food, I made a quick pit stop at the beer section.  Most of the Belgian beers they carried I have had, due to a very limited selection.

What DID catch my eye was a nicely labeled 4-pack of a Belgian beer I’ve never had nor heard of.  Straffe Hendrik Quad.  The 4 pack was $20. I didn’t see a larger bottle and I couldn’t separate the pack and just buy one, (dam it). So I “really” better like this beer..

Now for the Beer Review!

Popped the cap and the beer is poured.

The color is dark mahogany with a beautiful pillow-like white head.

The smell comes at me with Raison, dry roasted malt, bread, a little orange rind and peach.  I’m intrigued.

I go in for the taste and the first thing I notice is how sweet this beer is.  I get prune, spice, molasses and roasted malt up front.  There is an aftertaste of copper-penny (childhood flashback).  Medium carbonation and quite boozy.  Very thin in body.  The booze and the sweetness is over powering  and becomes stronger as it warms.

Over all, this is not a bad beer, nor a good one.  It’s very “middle” of the road.
Oh, before I forget to mention, I have three extra bottles if you want to try.

Straffe Hendrik Quad| ABV 11%



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