Port Brewing Mongo Double Ipa

Beer Review: Port Brewing Mongo Imperial IPA


Ahh, Halloween weekend. There is a chill in the air, leaves are falling and some holiday parties to prepare for.  I need to get creative this year regarding the costume and I need some help. Some “creative” juice beckons me…

I picked up a bottle of my creative inducing “elixir” Friday after work.  A freshly bottle double ipa that I know I had once before, but just couldn’t remember how it was. (Dangerous sign?)

Port Brewing’s “Mongo” Imperial ipa.  This brewery puts out some great beer and hey, who can go wrong with a beer that has a name like “Mongo”?

Now for the Beer Review!

Popped the cap and the beer is poured.

Poured nice orange amber with a beautiful thick white head.

Smell is apricot, citrus, and piney with bitter note.  I get some resin and in there as well.   The smell already preps me for how wonderful this beer is going to be. 

The taste is like biting in a nice piece of citrus fruit. Sweet malt and bitter hops over take the palate.  I get the pine resin, grapefruit rind and herbal notes. Medium carbonation makes for easy drinking.    The alcohol is noticeable but not overtly.  This is a great double ipa if you like grape fruity hop bombs!

It’s coming back to me now.  My creative “elixir” is opening my memory bank.  I DID like this beer the last time I had it, and as for the costume? It just doesn’t matter after 2 of these. 

Mongo Imperial IPA| ABV 8.5% | 22oz
Port Brewing Co.


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