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My friend texted me last week just two words.  “Lagunitas Sucks”  I naturally responded, “why?” bad bottle? Had a bad experience at the brewery?  10 minutes went by and no response.   He called and said, no, the beer is called “Lagunitas Sucks” and it is right up your alley. You will love it. 

I loved it already, name alone! 

I went on my quest for this “Lagunitas Sucks” and found a  6-pack for $10.99 at the grocery store.  Read  the label for a brief description, stating that due to brewing capacity they were not able to make their holiday “Brown Shugga Ale”

Is this loss going to be my gain?

Now for the beer review:

Popped the cap, poured slowly into glass and got a nice burst of tropical.

This beer pours a nice amber-chardonay, with a thick white head that quickly fades to a nice thin drift along the rim.

The smell is full tropical assault upfront.  Citrus, peach, grapefruit and resin. This is a bowl of fruit my friends and it’s desert time.

The taste?  Just like the smell. Fruit up front, pine and resiny hops, light carbonation which makes it go down oh-so-easy.  The malt drifts in at the end which gives it a light bisquity flavor.  Great balance.  The alcohol is also well hidden but after 2 beers, it DOES sneak up on you.  Winter weather is for “warming” beverages anyway right?

This beer reminds me of a lighter version of Pliny.  It’s that good!  I am very pleasantly suprised with this beer and I hope that Lagunitas continues to brew this beer after this season. 

Lagunitas Sucks| ABV 7.85% | 12oz
Lagunitas Brewing Co.



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