Beer Review: Knee Deep SIMTRA Triple IPA

Wow, I must be tasting too many beers, as I keep forgetting to update Barleypop. My apologies, as I have a notebook full of new beer reviews and notes that I need to upload.  So, with that, let’s get cracking on a new beer that just happened to jump into my life a few weeks back.

So, the story goes….. I was doing my weekend shopping at the local Whole Foods, I made my way to the beer isle. The beer clerk was filling inventory and started to put out Knee Deep SIMTRA Triple IPA.

Had to pick it up with a big bold name of SIMTRA staring at me in the face, how could I not? Right?

I liked Knee Deep’s Hoptologist, as it beat out Pliny at the last Double IPA Fest at The Bistro in Hayward back in Feb with Best of Show. (Pliny was #2 and Stone Ruination #3)  So let’s just see how this bad boy stacks up as a “triple”

The beer is now at the house, the bottle is open, and the beer is now poured….

Pours a light amber orange with slight carbonation dancing toward surface and lacing is medium.

Smell is like a hard butterscotch candy, with tropical fruit in the back ground.  Nice.

Taste?  Wow.  It’s a big punch of bitter hops and kiwi.  The bitterness is the first thing I notice, being at 131 IBU’s I should have been prepared.  It does mellow out rather quickly. Carbonation is medium and ends nicely coating the throat with warming alcohol ethers.

Pleasantly surprised with this one.  This is actually my second bottle. The first I drank too cold and wasn’t too crazy about it, but I let this set out for 15 minutes and a lot of aroma and flavors I didn’t take note previously of,  really opened up.  It tastes like a whole different beer. Reminds me of what a difference temperature does makes to a beer.

What do I think about this “triple” ipa?  I like it.  Bitter hop assault and all.  This is a beer that 1 bomber is plenty.  Last week I had a Heretic Evil Cousin and then THIS, on a fairly empty stomach, I was DONE.  Pacing myself was never a strength of mine, so session beers are becoming one of my favorites now.

So to wrap this up.  If you are truly a “hop head”, you will fall madly in love with this beer.  If you are not, you still may “hanker” for it.  It’s in limited supply so if you do have an opportunity to buy, pick it up. You won’t be disappointed.

Simtra Triple Ipa| ABV 10.1% | 22oz
Knee Deep Brewing Co.



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