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Beer Review: Heretic Brewing “Evil Cousin” Imperial IPA (UPDATED REVIEW)


Finding new beers that are brewed locally is something that I try to always search out,  especially if you enjoy the “freshness” factor.   This past weekend on my usual beer run,  I noticed a NEW imperial ipa at my go-to beer store called “Evil Cousin”.  I asked the owner if it was any good.

He hadn’t tried it yet, as it just came in that morning.  He mentioned it was a new brewery in Pittsburg, CA called “Heretic Brewing Company and had heard good things about it.

I’m easily sold on double ipas, so I bought.

Now for the Beer Review!

Popped the cap and the beer is poured.

It pours a “golden-copper” with nice white head that settles quickly.

The smell is pure onion and citrus.  It smells like Oskar Blues “Gubna”, which you either love the smell or hate it.  Me? I’m lovin it!  So far so good.

The taste?  Bold upfront malt with a nice sticky resin punch following by a vegetal aftertaste with a bitter finish.  For the first second of this beer, it felt like I was drinking a nice full bodied Gubna, but it quickly turned thin and left me wanting to take another sip to get that first second of “taste”.

Do I like it? I do. It’s fresh, hop profile is great, but the body is thin and a little unbalanced.  I will definitely pick it up again.  I’m seeing a bright future for Heretic Brewing Company and am looking forward to trying their other beers.

(UPDATED REVIEW) – I  bought Three bottles of Evil Cousin. Had the first two  right off, (which is what I did the review on) and just recently had the 3rd bottle a week later.  Wow! The taste after the “week” age,  became more bold an solid throughout, from beginning to end.  My initial review of 3 stars is now 4.  This is one fine beer and a must for HOP HEADS.

Evil Cousin| ABV 8% | 22oz
Heretic Brewing Co.


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