Beer Review: Evil Twin’s “Molotov Cocktail” IPA


Let’s just say that I have a lot of catching up to do.  Starting the New Year with the flu is kind of a drag. Especially when I purchased a TON of great beer to bring in the New Year.

Finally recovered, I reached into the beer cooler for one of the beers I was looking forward to.  Evil Twin Brewings “Molotov Cocktail”.  A described Hop Bomb coming in at 13% from the far reaches of Denmark.

Did the NyQuil prepare me for this? Let’s find out.

Now for the beer review.

The pour looks like a nice, thick unfiltered apple-cider.  Hazy with sporadic flecks flouting about.

The smell?  Big ass punch of bitter grapefruit that makes your eyes water a bit.  Following up with hops, malt, booze and sweet caramel.

I take the plunge awaiting the assault of hops to destroy my taste-buds.  The first sip hits me with a sweetness I wasn’t expecting.  I relax a bit, then the bitterness detonates.  Hops go off, leaving a little room for the malt, grapefruit, warming booze and a smoothness that I wouldn’t have suspected.

This beer is solid and well crafted.  It was syrupy and a bit sweet, but not too sweet.  Carbonation is well hidden, making this beer smooth and drinkable.  The alcohol catches up to you quick and made this 11.02 oz bottle seem like I was drinking a magnum.

I like this beer. Not crazy about the price, but very enjoyable.  Next time I have the flu, screw the NyQuil, i’ll reach for the Molotov Cocktail!

Molotov Cocktail| ABV 13% | 11.2oz
Evil Twin Brewing Co.


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