Evil Twin Disco Beer

Beer Review: Evil Twin’s “Disco Beer”


I enjoyed Evil Twins Molotive Cocktail so I was looking forward to trying their “Disco Beer”.  What made me a bit hesitant was spending the $12.95 for a 11.02 oz bottle.  Burned many times before for over-priced beer, I caved and bought: playing into the hand of fate.

Was I delt a winning hand? Let’s see.

Now for the beer review.

The beer poured a reddish, muddy-brown with a thick beige head that never went down.

The aroma hits me a with full on grapes, sweet hops and pine cone. The notes of the described “chardonnay” is there and in a big way.  The smell literally fills the room.

The taste is bitter hop upfront followed by a smooth buttery middle.  It finishes with light malt and thin flavor.  Where I was expecting a “bang”, I got smoke instead.

Did my gamble pay off? No. But i’m a risk taker when it comes to beer.  It wasn’t  good and it wasn’t bad. The way this beer was described intrigued the hell out of me, but did not meet my expectations.  Disco does NOT suck, but it doesn’t make me want to dance either.

Disco Beer| ABV 10.5% | 11.2oz
Evil Twin Brewing Co.


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