Beer Review: Dogfish Head Pangaea


I was in the mood for something different. (No, not Zima), but something that broke away from “standard”.  I have had quite a few brews from Dogfish Head and noticed one I hadn’t tried as of yet. Pangaea. 

Brewed with crystallized ginger huh?  I do like ginger, so this sounds nice and refreshing for a warm sunny Saturday afternoon.
I get this bomber home. Pop the cap and I pour.
The smell is what I would expect. Ginger, citrus fruit and following close behind are the hops.  What this beer DOES smell like is “refreshing”.
I go in for the taste. 

Hop and thin malt hit me first.  Spice comes in late and the candied ginger is lingering on the edge of being unnoticed.  I would like a spicier ginger with some heat to it, but this is more on the sweet side.  The carbonation is light and “fizzy” which makes this an easy drinker, but very “thin” in the middle.  
This beer is just “ok”.  This wasn’t too “different” or “unusual” to make me want to buy it again.  I do admire Dogfish Head Brewery always trying something new and I do give them props for their creativity.  My quest continues for Zima…

Pangaea | ABV 7% |
Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
6 Cannery Village Center, Milton, Delaware, 19968



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  1. Thanks for the props and for giving Pangaea a try. (By the way, this a kick-butt blog design.) Cheers!

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