• Toronado Pub, San Francisco

    Once you arrive and push the salon-style swing doors, you walk into a Mecca, a drinkers haven.

  • Beer Paradise in the East Bay

    I was fairly caught off guard by the appearance of the place. Once inside, I made my way to the beer section. Wow!

  • Ben & Nick’s

    I love the locale of it, right down the street from BART

After I received the TORQ, I was pretty amazed how solid this thing was. I almost felt like putting it in my tool box!

I have a huge collection of bottle openers. Some I’ve collected at beer fests, some at antique stores. Let’s just say I’m more attached to my beer glass collection than my bottle openers. Read the rest of this article »

Evil Twin Disco Beer

"The taste is bitter hop upfront followed by a smooth buttery middle. It finishes with light malt and..."

I enjoyed Evil Twins Molotive Cocktail so I was looking forward to trying their Read the rest of this article »

The Bruery Mischief Beer pic

"The smell is pure onion and citrus. It smells like Oskar Blues "Gubna", which you either love the smell or hate it..."

Finding new beers that are brewed locally is something that I try to always search out,  especially if you enjoy the “freshness” factor.   This past weekend on Read the rest of this article »

"I take the plunge awaiting the assault of hops to destroy my taste-buds"

Let’s just say that I have a lot of catching up to do.  Starting the New Year with the flu is kind of a drag. Especially when I purchased a TON of great beer to bring in the New Year. Read the rest of this article »

Lagunitas Sucks beer pic

My friend texted me last week just two words. “Lagunitas Sucks” I naturally responded, “why?”

My friend texted me last week just two words.  “Lagunitas Sucks”  I naturally responded, “why?” bad bottle? Had a bad experience at the brewery?  10 minutes went by and no response.  Read the rest of this article »