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Beer Review: Three Floyds Gumballhead

Beer Review: Three Floyds “Gumballhead”


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Let's just start this off by saying that I've been having a "Craving" for some Three Floyds of late

Let’s just start this off by saying that I’ve been having a “Craving” for some Three Floyds  of late.  The beer angels must have heard this inner “yearning” and worked their magic vicariously through my friend Rob, who just “happened” to give me a call to let me know he just got some Dreadnaught and Gumballhead in this morning.  Wow, this “think it, get it” thing works!  Thank you “The Secret”!!  I never doubted your teachings….

I wanted to start off with the “lighter” of the beers and since I already reviewed the Dreadnaught, I’m looking especially forward to Gumballhead.  I’ve heard great things about this beer.

Now for the Beer Review!

Pours a nice golden pear color  Beautiful head of white, nice stickiness to the glass.  Very light carbonation.

Smell  is hops up front, followed by a big citrus/tangerine.  Smells like a nice juicy ipa!

The taste is on cue with the smell. Hops up front, followed by a big citrus/tangerine sweetness (short lived).  Has a clean/refreshing taste to it like that of a hefeweizen, with a nice lemon zing.  Very light and crisp.  This would be a great summer beer which just screams “refreshing”! 

I’m keeping this review short and sweet.  Would I recommend “Gumballhead“?  Hell yes.  This beer is great.  Very light but extremely well balanced:  A perfect “in-between” beer.  Three Floyds is one solid brewer.  I have yet had a beer they put out that I have not liked.   I’m considering an Indiana trip!

Gumballhead| ABV 5.5% | 12oz
Three Floyds Brewing Co.
Indiana, USA

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