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    I love the locale of it, right down the street from BART

Alpine Brewing Nelson IPA Beer pic

Beer Review: Alpine Brewing Nelson IPA


American IPA

"From reading the description, this looks interesting AND good! Rye and Grapefruit, huh? I’m intrigued"

Going through my “Alpine” purchases this weekend, I reach in for the “Nelson” IPA.  From reading the description, this looks interesting AND good!  Rye and Grapefruit, huh? I’m intrigued. This sounds like a perfect combination or a bad one.

Now for the Beer Review!

Popped the cap and the beer is poured.

It pours a “straw-yellow” with a little kiss of orange framing  the glass.  Thin head that settles quickly.

The smell is pure grapefruit and orange.  JUICE fills the room. Yes, my mouth is watering…

The taste?  A little different than the smell. Nice grapefruit up front and an earthy bitterness that follows, then a big syrupy sweetness. Nice spicy malt throughout which carries this beer. The nelson hops from New Zealand gives this a very unique flavor. Very sweet and wine like.  I Love it.

Alpine Brewing has not let me down from the 3 beers I’ve had of theirs. All being exceptional.

I see a road trip to Alpine coming up in the near future.

Nelson IPA| ABV 7% | 22oz
Alpine Brewing Co.

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